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Apply for a Special Events Permit by downloading the forms below, easy and simple application process

Documents to accompany the application(s)

  1. a duly signed and completed application form;
  2.  Proof of payment of the application fee in the form of a bank receipt or a receipt
    issued by the payment’s teller of the Liquor Authority;
  3. An original or certified copy of a letter of consent from the local municipality for the
    special event;
  4. A certified copy or original letter of written consent from the organiser of the special
    event, consenting to the issue of the special events permit to the applicant for the
  5. A detailed security plan;
  6. An original or certified copy of the situational report from the station commander of
    the local SAPS;
  7. Where applicable, proof of publication in terms of section 52(3)(f) of the Act;
  8. Proof of service in terms of section 52(3) (g) of the Act;
  9. For applications relating to methylated spirits a relevant certificate issued by a
    relevant municipality or a government department in terms of any law or by-law to
    enable the applicant to trade in that particular product in a manner contemplated
    where applicable; and
  10. any other document required in terms of the Act; and
  11. Furnish the name of the person who will manage the sale of liquor at the special
    event; and
  12. Declare under oath or truly affirm at the end of the form that the information
    contained therein is true and correct


The applicant

Lodgment of application for a special event permit can be made with the Liquor Authority on any
business day and within 14 days prior to the date of the event.

Complete FORM – KZNLA 13 – available from KZNLA Head office and at all District offices OR by clicking on button below

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